Active Frac Management


By focusing on time, chemical usage, and effective proppant placement, IPT Well Solutions (“IPT”) delivered $230,000 in total savings for a small West Texas Independent for their operations. On these two Wolfcamp zipper fracs with 53 stages, IPT was able to achieve maximum performance without sacrificing safety, efficiency, or profitability.


When frac fleets are in high demand, operational efficiency is critical between all parties on the wellsite requiring a concerted focus on working together as one team, with the same goal. 

Current stimulation company pricing models are configured to maximize the return on investment for their equipment through operational efficiency and minimizing NPT (non-productive time).

The operator also wants to minimize time on location while still stimulating the formation effectively to optimize production. Working together as a team the service companies and the company representatives must optimize the treatments through active management of fluid, proppant, and chemical usage without jeopardizing overall stimulation effectiveness.

Learn how IPT accomplished this in our “Active Frac Management” case study! Download it below.

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