What We Do

We are a team of subsurface experts helping you achieve high-performing results across the energy value chain – oil & gas, brine disposal, carbon sequestration, geothermal, and solution mining.

For over 30 years IPT has served clients in the oil and gas industry and has leveraged that knowledge into municipal and industrial wastewater, carbon capture and storage projects, geothermal, and solution mining. We are an independent consulting firm of well engineering, wellsite operations, and environmental sustainability experts who can provide innovative and actionable solutions for common and not-so-common subsurface reservoir, wellsite and environmental needs.

Our edge is in our long experience in vertical and horizontal wells, as we have assisted with thousands of oil and gas wells and wastewater disposal wells across the major basins. We leverage our experience and vendor relationships for the benefit of our clients, who are equipped to make better decisions and operate safer and more productive wells.

With ever more complicated regulations and Class VI permit applications we are here to help clients understand and overcome the obstacles.  In today’s world, it is crucial to keep a project not only moving forward but moving safely. We pride ourselves on our ability to adapt to changing circumstances and needs.

We know what success in the field looks like and what it takes to get there. With our base of knowledge and industry connections, we put the right tools in the hands of clients that can take their business and project where they need to be.

Our New and Repeat Clients:

Are lean operators who prefer to outsource the expert engineering or supervision of drilling, completion, fracing, and workovers

Are companies wanting to sequester CO2 and navigate through the complex Class VI permitting and execution process who prefer to outsource some or all of the subsurface reservoir modeling, geo-mechanics, drilling engineering and field execution, and Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) process

Plan to use new equipment that they aren’t currently familiar with, or reuse equipment that has not recently been used for a similar project

Are investing in a geography where they aren’t experienced

Want an independent assessment of how their service company is doing

Require expert valuation of a lease hold acreage

Are municipalities and water engineering firms needing sophisticated, deep, wastewater disposal wells drilling and completion expertise

Are applying for permits in jurisdictions where regulations are changing

✓Need an expert witness

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Discover the Benefits of
Working with Us

  • Pain-free and timely permits for wellsite.
  • Removal of expert personal employment limit constraints.
  • Operate at the level of the best majors and service companies
  • A quality well that meets or exceeds expectations.
  • Tap the vendor relationships we’ve built over many years to get the best providers and negotiate advantageous costs.
  • You have the KPIs to hold your service companies accountable.
  • Costs tracked.
  • Promoting safe practices.