Clients and Testimonials

"Their mindset mirrored ours as an operator: Cost conscious, vendor intelligence, oversight, relevant and up to speed."

“They've made a huge difference for us. I work with people of significant capability that I know. I can count on IPT’s people, and working with them limits the amount of overhead expense when there isn't much work.”

“IPT has a group of folks that really know their stuff. From wellsite supervision to stimulation specialist, they’ve always had us covered. As an operator we sleep better at night with one of their stim specialists on location knowing they’ll keep the service provider on scope and can provide guidance when things get off track.”

“IPT provides some of the best frac supervision available and with that supervision has come invaluable recommendations that have continued to optimize our frac designs.”

“We use IPT on horizontal completions – dedicated people making sure the job goes as we designed it. They keep us on schedule and communicate if something looks off. IPT’s biggest value add is data collection and reporting. They take a lot of data and very quickly put it into a format that’s easy to digest. IPT does more for the same money as other consultants, which frees us up to focus our attention elsewhere.”

“I’ve been using IPT since 1997. Having you guys on location takes the QC burden off of me. I can depend on IPT to oversee engineering, materials, and the frac company. What makes IPT different is consistency. Your engineers have individual personalities, but I can count on the same basic approach. You know what you're getting.”

“IPT has been an integral part of our completions team throughout the history of our company, making sure the field execution meets our stimulation objectives, and providing engineering guidance for both completions and drilling. We have also relied on IPT for an increasing range of consulting services. Having trusted advisors like IPT is critical to the success of our projects.”

“What I’d tell another company that hasn’t used IPT is they have consistency among their employees, integrity, and a lot of frac knowledge. They keep a database, so they can quickly pull up how any of our wells were treated. I’ve been lucky they have always been available when I need them. IPT adds much more value than what the cost is.”

“We’ve been using IPT consultants on the completion side for several years and will continue to do so. The consultants are respectful, knowledgeable and professional. Our management can rest at ease knowing IPT is on location.”

“What I really like about the IPT personnel is their ability to work with and in the complex completion software — while at the same time teaming up with the frac company on location to provide assistance to any specific area of need which assures successful stage executions. Put more simply, they can run FracPro or run hoses, and everything in between.”