Carbon Capture & Storage Wells​

Given public and policymaker concerns about carbon emissions affecting the climate, carbon dioxide capture and storage projects are on the increase.

Engage our reservoir engineering and well expertise to sequester carbon dioxide safely, in full compliance with regulations, cost-effectively and with reduced risk.

To sequester and store CO2 calls for expert reservoir evaluation, injection well planning and engineering. For supercritical CO2 or another CCUS project, IPT Well Solutions can assist.


IPT can also work with you on EPA permits, state regulatory compliance, and project management for drilling and completing your CO2 injection well.

Reservoir Characterization and Geological Evaluation

We can provide, but are not limited to, the following services:

Quantitative Visualization and Reservoir Characterization

Quantitative visualization and reservoir characterization to identify source rock and assist in well planning


Geomechanics to aid in the review of overburden due to thickness change in reservoir from production and injection


Simulations to enable characterization of source rock, sealing zones and faults to identify zones for carbon capture and identify porosity, permeability and stratal thickness

Geological Evaluation

Geological evaluation to identify hydrocarbon bearing zones or zones for storing carbon dioxide including petrophysical, geology, geomechanics and geophysics

SEC Reserve Reports and Property Valuation

SEC Reserve Reports and Property Valuation to support acquisition and divestiture

And More

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