IPT Well Solutions: Showcasing 30 Years of Expertise at the Carbon Capture and Technology Expo 2023

With over 30 years of experience in the oil and gas sector, IPT has evolved its offerings to meet the needs of today’s environment, spanning municipal and industrial wastewater, ESG, and carbon capture and storage projects. Their wealth of knowledge in vertical and horizontal wells is unmatched, having consulted on thousands of oil and gas wells and disposal wells across all major basins.

The Expo serves as an excellent opportunity for attendees to meet the IPT team, discover their innovative methods, and learn how their expertise and vendor relationships can benefit clients seeking to navigate the ever-changing and challenging landscape of the industry.

“As regulations tighten and the industry landscape evolves, it is more important than ever to partner with a team that can adapt, innovate, and guide projects to success,” said Dave Mannon, CEO of IPT Well Solutions. “We’re excited to meet with attendees to discuss how we can help them make informed decisions, model reservoirs for CO2 plumes, engineer wells for optimized CO2 storage, and successfully navigate the complexities of today’s industry challenges.”

To read the entire press release visit AP News.

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