It’s Time To Educate Both the Community And Government Officials About Carbon Capture & Storage

“A common myth is that carbon capture and storage is new and, therefore, not tested nor safe. The truth is carbon capture and storage (CCS) has been around for more than 45 years and has been successfully and safely implemented around the world,” states Dave Mannon, CEO of IPT Well Solutions during a panel at Fuze, an energy technology conference in Houston, TX.

In fact, 260 million tonnes of CO2 have already been securely stored underground. CCS can be done through three main ways: in saline formations, enhanced oil recovery, and injecting CO2 in supercritical phase into depleted oil and gas fields.

However, the current phase is educating both the community and government officials about CCS and finding realistic storage potential. Mannon emphasized that education is vital as new regulations are drafted and become increasingly complex, and effectively executing CCS while following these regulations requires extensive engineering expertise.

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