IPT Well Solutions’ Recent Trial Finds Cost-Effective, Green Hydraulic Fracturing Alternative

IPT Well Solutions recently conducted a trial of an environmentally friendly acid during hydraulic fracturing (fracing) operations for GMT Exploration in the DJ basin.

The trial was aimed to improve efficiency, lessen any environmental impact, and reduce costs. The use of this acid in this trial can be safely applied during select stages closer to the perforations.

The trial showed that it reduced stage pump time and had no negative effects on treatment performance. It also led to fewer pad requirements, as it doesn’t need to be removed from the surface at the start of frac operations.

As a result of this success, GMT Exploration plans to continue using this product in the future with the help of IPT Well Solutions stimulation experts.

The results of this trial were presented at the SPE Hydraulic Fracturing Technical Conference and are already being replicated in several US basins.

To read the full article at Global Energy Times.

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