DJ Basin / Niobrara Formation

IPT Fast Tracks Field Development, Operating Within Environmental and Tax Credits Guidelines and Completes Project Ahead of Schedule


Client wanted to fast track a development program from project award to production within 13 months and align with environmental constraints and tax credit guidelines.


IPT applied disciplined project management techniques to produce early deliverables, set surface casing before wildlife activity deadlines, completed air quality permits, planned drilling, frac stimulation completion, and offset well P&A’s, and facilities design & construction in parallel to optimize schedule.


The IPT team leveraged their knowledge of drilling and completing over 6,000 wells in the U.S. and over 400 disposal wells to evaluate how to efficiently plan and execute a well program with strict rules and completion dates for wildlife noise compliance and tax credit deadline and produce first oil within 13 months of project award.

In addition, in accordance with state requirements, IPT located all of the old wells, developed plans to P&A eight wells due to existing penetrations into the Niobrara formation, and obtained the necessary state approvals.


After project award, IPT reviewed all project information and prepared four surface casing wells to be spud and completed before December 1; 5 weeks after project award in compliance with Colorado wildlife restrictions on noise between December 1 and July 1 and to enable the client to obtain an investment tax credit.

IPT designed the four wells and ordered surface casing, secured a rig and wellsite services, built pad location, and completed the surface casing well program by late-November. In parallel, IPT completed air quality permits, production facilities design, frac stimulation completion design, P&A designs, and ordered long lead items. Wellsite services were procured in April for a planned well spud in July.

IPT executed P&A and well drilling operation in July followed by a 192 stage frac stimulation program. Production facilities installation was performed as a Simultaneous Operations (SIMOPS) activity to ensure completion aligned with frac stimulation operation. First production is on schedule by early November and all activities completed by wildlife noise compliance December 1.

Drilling, frac stimulation operations, and facilities construction were completed on time and within cost estimates and no lost time accidents occurred during project.


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