Dear Colorado Client,

This is an unfriendly reminder that Rule 341 goes into effect on November 2nd with respect to ensuring plumbing for monitoring surface casing pressure and all intermediate string pressures is in place.

The text of the reminder from the COGCC today reads, “Rule 341 requires the Operator to equip bradenhead access on all wells, regardless of function and to allow COGCC staff to visually inspect the equipment at all times. This may require the Operator to retrofit existing wells. Rule 341 expands its bradenhead monitoring requirements to apply statewide, adopt more specific protocols and pressure thresholds for bradenhead pressure testing, require additional tests and periodic monitoring, and improve reporting. This bradenhead monitoring, testing and reporting rule is intended to ensure that COGCC has adequate information about wellbore integrity. Rule 341 applies to all wells statewide except coalbed methane wells, an Operator of coalbed methane wells will complete bradenhead testing to be in compliance with Rule 608.e.”

Rules are tightening and penalties for noncompliance are getting more stringent. If you have any questions about compliance or need help in getting wells into compliance, please reach out to our team by calling us at 720-420-5700 and asking to speak with any of the following people on our team: Neel Duncan, Matthew Hoffman, Tom Majors, Paul Gottlob, or Sean Dolfinger.