While the impact of the government’s response to COVID-19 on the oil and gas industry was profound, IPT Well Solutions rose to the occasion and funded the production of PPE to aid workers at the front line. To date, IPT Well Solutions has contributed to produce over 4,000 3D-printed mask strap extenders to hospitals, clinics, and essential businesses using a battery of 3D printers purchased for this purpose.


These simple plastic parts take pressure off worker’s ears while using surgical masks. Surgical masks were not designed for extended use and result in discomfort and injury when worn for many hours during the shift. Some users experience skin rubbed raw and bleeding from long-term use.


Our process of producing these straps involves printing a clinically-approved strap extender from the National Institutes of Health. Over the course of two weeks, the printing process was optimized to produce functional pieces at the fastest rate possible. Initially, one extender took approximately 20 minutes to print, but now, we produce them at a rate of one almost every 10 minutes. Extended optimization experiments have proven extremely beneficial in increasing output to help meet the needs of facilities in need.


We support those putting their lives on the line for others. If you or someone you know is in need of these straps, please follow this link and contact us for free donations shipped anywhere in the United States. Please share and donate to our campaign to help continue to produce these straps for our healthcare workers who continue to put their lives on the line.